Mobile PodZones

Visit South West Sealand (Tourism) Mobile interactive storytelling.

Mobile PodZones
Guided tours and interactive stories for mobile devices.
To add value to the experience of visiting different sites in Denmark.

A local guide in your pocket. Dramatized stories are made with chapters corresponding to point-of-interests (POIs) along routes around cities, museums and the countryside. Media for each story can easily downloaded from a website or directly to mobile phones with a text message request. PodZones can provide content for PodWalks, PodDrives or even interactive PodMissions.

The PodZones have been running since 2009, and have been thoroughly tried and tested by the public. New PodZones continue to expand this grid of immersed, creative storytelling, and the interest from both the public and the press have seen the providers of this service as first movers in mobile experiences.

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